Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lessons From The Life Of JANAB-E-FATEMA ZEHRA (s.a.)


 "Peace be on you, O the carefully examined, tried and measured by Him who created you, and found you, in your test, cool and compact, steady and stable..."


1)Be kind to your parents. 

J.Zehra(sa) would speak with her mother sayyada Khadija(sa) while She was in her womb to keep her company because the women of makkah had boycotted her. J.Zehra(sa) would clean the prophet's (sawa) wounds after 
the makkans injured Him with stones. J.Zehra(sa) was a source of comfort to her father. She would come to her when He(sawa) didn't feel well like before the event of Kisa.

‎2)Trust your parents: with important decision of your life. 

J.Zehra(sa) trusted Her father when he left her in makkah while he migrated to madina. J.Zehra(sa) trusted her father with the decisions of choosing I.Ali(as) for her husband. Several men had propsed to marry J.Zehra(sa) but the the Prophet(sawa) only asked her about the proposal of I.Ali(as) and She agreed to marry him.

3)When choosing a life partner look for piety not money. 

J.Zehra(sa) chose to marry I.Ali(as) based on his piety. She did not look at how rich he {Imam Ali(as)} was.

‎4)Give in the way of Allah what you love most.

J.Zehra(sa) gave away her wedding dress the day after she got married.

‎5)Give in the way of Allah without expecting reward /thanks.

J.Zehra (sa) & Her family gave away their meals 3 days in a row to the poor without asking for any reward while they themselves remained hungry. This event led to the revelation of Surah Dahar in their praise.

‎6)Always acquire Knowledge.

J.Zehra(sa) would asked her sons to tell her about the sermons of the prophet(sawa).

‎7)Always share your knowledge.

J.Zehra(sa) was always willing to answer questions of the women of madina,even if they were many.

8)Raise your children in the way of Allah.

J.Zehra(sa) raised I.Hasan(as), I.Husain(as), J.Zainab(sa) and J.Umme Kulthum(sa) to be leaders of Islam.

‎9)Love your children equally.

J.Zehra(sa) greeted both I.Hasan(as) and I.Husain(as) as 'Qurata aini wa Thawartta fuadi', 'the light of my eyes & the delight of my heart' in the event of kisa.

10)Always Glorify Allah.

J.Zehra(sa) would always glorify Allah by reciting the Tasbih whenever she would peform the work of the house.

11)Treat your servents well.

J.Zehra(sa) always treated sayyada Fizza well and took turns in performing household work with her.

12)Observe HIJAB properly.

J.Zehra(sa) always observed Hijab even if the visiter to her house was a blind man.

 ‎13)Speak up when your rights are taken away.

J.Zehra(sa) went to the court and spoke up against her rights & inheritance being taken away.

‎14)Prepare for your Death.

J.Zehra(sa) was very concerned about her burial and wanted her Hijab to be maintained after she died & had a casket designed that would cover her body.

15)Never trust the enemies of Islam.

J.Fatema Zehra (sa)said certain people not to be allowed to come to her burial & her exact burial place has been kept a secret.

Alla'humma La'an Qatalatal Bibi Fatima Zahra(sa)


                                          Our duty is to send laanat on the killers of SAYYADA FATEMATUZ ZAHRA(SA) & pray for the reappearance of her last son, Hazrat Imam Mahdi(ATFS), so that her son comes and take the revenge from the killers of all 13 Masoomeen(asws).

Al-Ajal Al-Ajal Ya Imam-e-Zamana(atfs), may Allah make his early appearance, Ameen!!

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